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Interviewed by Harvard Business School as "One-Of-A-Kind Freelancer"
Two Wednesdays ago, I was interviewed by Harvard Business School about my freelancing career. I actually won the interview on I used the techniques that I outline in IT'S A LIVINGThey posted a contest looking for a "One-Of-A-Kind" NYC freelancer that they could interview for a documentary they are putting together for their students to study. The contest had a prize of $550 USD. I recorded a three minute video of myself, explaining why I was the best candidate. I won by a landslide and they came to my home studio with a three-person crew -an interviewer and two videographers. What you see in the photo above is my Upper Manhattan apartment, where all the magic happens. On my desk is one laptop and an iPad Pro. I do most of my online work with those. The iPad Pro is used for the illustrations and writing. The laptop is used for Photoshop editing, graphic design, and book layout. It's all very simple and very portable. I can work from anywhere. When I travel, I can keep my clients satisfied quite effectively. The interview took about four hours, I got paid $550 for it (cleared $495 after the fee), and I got an excellent online review from Harvard Business School: "Working with Cristian was a delightful experience! Every aspect of the project was completed with utmost professionalism. His dedication to delivering a polished finished product was apparent in every interaction we had." After 17 years as a freelance artist, I would expect nothing less. I detail my strategies for winning similar projects and dealing with clients in  IT'S A LIVING which is coming out December 8th on Kindle and in paperback. Just in time for the holidays!  Be the first to get IT'S A LIVING - ORDER TODAY!
This week I'm uploading the final version of  IT'S A LIVING to Amazon. It's exciting! I've spent two and half years writing this book. The idea started as an auto-biography which I was going to title IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW -a reference to the Motown song. The first thing I ever wrote towards the book was about the social sacrifices I made at the start of my artistic career, like no romantic relationships for four years. It's all been worth it and I really have almost everything now. Over the years, the manuscript evolved into something more practical for artists. I realized that what I had to offer most was my resilience. I got good at winning commissions and that information is valuable for like-minded professionals. In-between, I share my experiences and philosophies about life. I don't claim that you'll be a millionaire if you pursue a lifestyle as a freelance artist but I definitely guarantee that, with my guidance, you'll make a very satisfying living. Contentment and balance in life is the most important to individuals. I'm so curious what people think about it. I wrote from the heart, even in the more instructive chapters. It's very satisfying after all these years. I put both my college studies in Animation and my university major in Creative Writing to practical usage and the result is a 215 page non-fiction book that offers great educational and inspirational value to artists and creative professionals. ORDER TODAY and leave a positive review so others can enjoy it too!
Featured Artwork 
of the Month
This piece is called "BELVEDERE TORSO" and it's 6"x9" mixed media on archival paper. While I was reading about Michelangelo's sculptures and admiring his great male figures, I learned about the Belvedere Torso which was a sculpture from the early 2nd century BC which was rediscovered in 1430. Many artists at the time found great inspiration in it. It was mentioned in the book I was reading around the time I drew it, " Il Gigante: Michelangelo, Florence, and the David 1492-1504." The drawing was created with pencil over spray paint, then inked with pen and brush, then I used a whiteout pen for highlights. The original is available for sale and it comes with black matting that fits beautifully into any 8"x10" frame. That's a common size and you can find great framing options. Prints are available at I'm willing to discount the original if you buy directly from me, as you'd save me the Saatchi commission fee. First come first serve for the original!  Email me!
Unreleased Short-film I Directed in 2017
Here's a short-film that I directed in the Summer of 2017. It's called "Rub" and it was shot and edited for a 48 hour competition. We had to use the name of Tanya, a character had to be a hairdresser, and we had to use rubber bands in a creative way. Out of a hat, we drew Action-Adventure as the genre. It's eight and half minutes long. The climax is funny. Please keep watching to the end because there is a post-credits scene that I think is quite beautiful. When we screened it, ours was the last film in the batch. We had such a wonderful reaction from an audience member when the post-credits scene appeared. They didn't expect it so everyone was just watching credits. When the shot appeared, someone yelled out, "Oh man! I totally didn't expect that!" As a filmmaker, that kind of reaction is why we make films. The password on Vimeo is "rub" -all lowercase. I hope you get a kick out if it and let me know what you think!
Since I've been working hard to finalize my  IT'S A LIVING manuscript, I haven't been reading as much. Instead, I've been making notes on my next writing project. I have written a feature length screenplay last year about a young artist who falls in love with his biggest critic. As soon as I click "publish" on IT'S A LIVING, I'm going to revisit that screenplay. My ambition is to make a film of it in 2020. 
Cristian S. Aluas (pronounced KRIS-TEE-an ah-LOO-ahsh) is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. He was born in Romania and emigrated to Canada with his family when he was eight. At 18, while still in High School, he self-published his first graphic novel with his iconic "Big Boss" character. After studying Animation in College and Creative Writing and Fine Art in University, he focused on publishing and freelancing. Cristian started teaching art and opened his own art school in Canada (online art classes are available at Over the years, Cristian has had a handful of notable fine art exhibits and sold thousands of commissions. His original work can be found in the  National Gallery of Canada, the  Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum, and in private collections worldwide. Most recently, he's produced a short live-action film (based on his "Big Boss" comic), directed another short film, and completed a new graphic novel. His new book IT'S A LIVING will be out in time for the Christmas holidays 2019 . Cristian currently lives in Manhattan and enjoys creative pursuits, exercise, and travel.

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