Each artist has a journey. What's yours?
The Story of the "Guardian Angel" and the "Golden Boy"
Every artist has mixed feelings about his art. Often, some great paintings get painted over. Most of the time it's for the best but sometimes the original painting was pretty cool too. This is one such case. In 2010, I premiered my large-scale oil painting “Guardian Angel.” It took me one and a half years to paint but for most of that time I was painting something totally different underneath. In the summer before the October show, I painted over my painting and did this without any preliminary sketch. The original painting which is still buried under the thick paint was going to be called “Golden Boy.” Most of the pieces in the final exhibit were about Golden Boy and his love affair with Water Girl -two characters I had imagined. I’ve always used art as a way to reflect on where my life has been, where I’m at, and where I’m going. In 2008-2009, I was tired of dating and was looking to settle down into a relationship. The “Golden Boy” painting was a way for me to explore relationships and project onto the canvas what I wanted. I often have a blurred memory of the sequence of events, whether the painting or the life occurrence came first. I went to Chicago that summer and I can’t recall if I repainted this huge canvas before or after my trip. So I'm unsure if life imitated art or art imitated life. Regardless, the new painting is about another character of mine named Glenn. He’s a young man that goes to this big city and he’s protected by an angel. It was an idea that I had since I was 18 years old and I finally got to represent his story on a large scale... 
The impulse to paint over “Golden Boy” happened suddenly one night. I had been working on him for too long and started to doubt myself. Sometimes that happens, especially when you’re working on a painting for over a year like I was. A few friends had seen it and asked questions. I changed it based on their feedback and didn’t like the way it was turning out so I simply painted over it. This is not an unusual occurrence. Half of my paintings used to be something else. In an ideal world, I would have liked to have both paintings. But such is the process of making art. There are no progress photos of the “Guardian Angel” but I’ve compiled  the full “Golden Boy” story as a PDF. The “Guardian Angel” still exists, with “Golden Boy” forever trapped underneath.  Email if you'd like to know more about it or simply share your own experiences of painting over artworks!
Camouflage #1
on Comixology
Camouflage is a fun comic book that I illustrated. It’s about a Japanese-Canadian huntsman that gains supernatural powers from a Spirit Bear. He teams up with Raven, a Native-Canadian conservationist, and together they fight evil corporations that are polluting lakes and demolishing forests. The story is written by my good friend Doug Stevenson, with colouring by the amazing Edgar Arce. The comic is just $.99 on Comixology and a fun all-ages. Read it today! 
New Black & White Series
This new series of artworks are mostly done on 6”x9” or 14”x17” heavy stock archival paper. The smaller ones come with black matting that look great in standard “8x10” frames. The choice to work on paper was to make them easy to ship. Many are based off of live models and photo reference. They are mixed media; pencil, spray paint, ink, and whiteout for highlighting. The subjects are the beauty of the human form, combined with famous historical figures or sculptures, melding body and mind into one beautiful image. Some of these works can be previewed in a PDF HERE! To inquire about availability or pricing, send an email!
The FREE @bigbosscomic is still viewable on Instagram. The story is a sequel to the 120 page graphic novel “Big Boss: Gun For Hire.” The notorious assassin escapes his captors and starts a new job for a cult leader that’s being hunted by a cyborg. Big Boss is a bodyguard, essentially, but he’s never before faced anything like this. Lots of action, lots of bullets, and even a love story between. The revised and compiled “Big Boss Comic” is available on Amazon and Comixology. Read it today!
Cristian S. Aluas (pronounced KRIS-TEE-an ah-LOO-ahsh) is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. He was born in Romania and emigrated to Canada with his family when he was eight. At 18, while still in High School, he self-published his first graphic novel with his iconic "Big Boss" character. After studying Animation in College and Creative Writing and Fine Art in University, he focused on publishing and freelancing. Cristian started teaching art and opened his own art school in Canada (online art classes are available at  MasterpieceArtSchool.com). Over the years, Cristian has had a handful of notable fine art exhibits and sold thousands of commissions. His original work can be found in the  National Gallery of Canada, the  Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum, and in private collections worldwide. Most recently, he's produced a short live-action film (based on his "Big Boss" comic), directed another short film, and completed a new graphic novel. A new book is coming out in 2019. Cristian currently lives in Manhattan and enjoys creative pursuits, exercise, and travel.
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